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Yahoo starts encrypting data due to NSA revelations

The search company Yahoo started encrypting all their data in the wake of the recent Edward Snowden leaks which showed … Continue reading

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Secretive Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement details leaked by Wikileaks – and its horrible

The whistle blower organization Wikileaks leaked the details of intellectual property chapter of the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. … Continue reading

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Recieve Facebook Birthday Notifications on Mobile via SMS

FACEBOOK FRIENDs BIRTHDAY NOTIFICATIONS BY SMS   None of us want to miss our friend’s birthday and in this modern … Continue reading

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DIWire bender

New 3D Printer Bends Wires

A company called Pensa Labs came up with a different 3D printer – one that bends metal wires. Almost all … Continue reading

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Google’s Android 4.4 gives you Office for free – QuickOffice

Google has released Android 4.4 KitKat, and there’s a surprise in it for Microsoft – QuickOffice, which lets you edit, … Continue reading

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Adobe hack affects 38 million users

If you had an account with Adobe or purchased anything from Adobe store online, you may be among the 38 … Continue reading

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Modular Smartphone ? Coming soon, thanks to Motorola

Ever thought of a smartphone with modular structure so that you can add/remove components of your phone as you want … Continue reading

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Star Wars

Never seen before Star Wars Episode IV Bloopers

These are new footage found from Star Wars Episode IV – and they are bloopers ! The first few clips … Continue reading

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Human Brain

US Defense Agency DARPA wants to read people’s brains

It turns out that as of this moment, US defense research agency DARPA is working on a method to develop … Continue reading

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Japan refused to help NSA wiretap asian internet

It turns out that NSA, the military intelligence organization in USA, asked Japanese Government to wiretap entire asian internet in … Continue reading

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iPhone 5C Review: How Is It Different From The iPhone 5S? Find Out

Want to know whats the difference between new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and which is best suitable for you? … Continue reading

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Tips For Traveling With Children

Traveling can be a great activity for families. It allows them to experience new places and new cultures while making … Continue reading