Guide to Middle East Politics

middle east politicsThis guide will help you understand what is going on in middle east politics, and who are the players.

90% of middle east is comprised of radical islamist dictatorships which are all US allies with no exception. Saudi Arabia to Qatar, Bahrain to UAE.

People in these countries live under the dicta of extremely rich oil princes, with no democracy in sight. NO parliament, NO elections, NO representation. In rare cases it exists, everything is under the control of the royal families.

ALL of these countries closely cooperate with u.s., and by extension its ally Israel.

80% of ALL radical Islamist groups are based in Saudi Arabia, Manned by Saudis, and operate out of Saudi Arabia. Including iSiS. (Now Isil)

All of them cooperate with Saudi Arabia in their quest of spreading their Wahhabi ideology everywhere, to subdue ALL countries in middle east under saudi dictatorships and its puppets.

In that quest, they cooperate with USA, who fund and coordinate the radical Islamist groups like iSiS. Al Qaeda and many more.

In return these groups take over countries and regions, and give the oil to US companies. Like Libya and 40+ oil wells in east Libya. Or the oil wells iSiS took over in Iraq just recently.

NONE of these countries are portrayed as radical Islamist in Western media. In contrast, countries which are LIGHT YEARS AHEAD compared to them are compared as ‘radical Islamist’. Like Iran. Which has a functioning democracy, parliament, which is quite independent – a fact that can easily be told from how the Iranian policy changes, as the composition of parliament and government changes over decades. Or Palestinians – the MOST secular and modern group in middle east, under the leadership of Arafat and his Fatah movement. Until Israel supported radical Islamist Hamas to offset Fatah’s power. Still Hamas is eons ahead in modernism compared to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile Israel eradicates Palestinians, and uses groups like iSiS to eradicate any opposing, modern/secular groups – like Shiites in northern Iraq, or Syrian government (secular, modernist). Another reason is to use them as an excuse to commit occupations and ethnic cleansing – like how Israel announced that if ‘security is not assured in Syria, they would intervene against is iSiS’. Funny proposition when Israel is training isis.

Reference : Leaks reveal iSiS leader trained by Mossad

In addition to how iSiS is selling the oil it gets from occupied Iraqi oil wells through israel.

Reference : iSiS captures Northern Iraqi Oil Fields

Meanwhile there are two segments in USA – First, the US govt, currently occupied by more moderate faction of the ‘business party’ (The single party usa has, with two factions as democrat party and republican party) does not agree with the second – the extremist faction (which is currently not in power) led by figures like Dick Cheney, John McCain etc.

The Neocons are also oil faction – their main business is oil, and they do ANYTHING to get more oil. even if causing world war 3.

Recently there is a fight going on in between these, where neocon faction was using the people it had in u.s. government bureaucracy (mainly state department, and military-industry complex extensions) to create civil wars in middle east, ukraine, and push u.s. to engage in war with these countries so they could get the oil. For this reason state dept. spent $5 billion in ukraine, and senator john mccain personally ferried $28 million in senate funding as aid to Islamist in Syria – OPENLY. The main aim was to push a bombing of Syria, which would help the Radical Islamists Neocons were funding to take over the Syrian government. Just like how it was done in Libya.

Reference : Sen. John McCain and US aid to Syrian Islamists and Al Qaeda Offshoots

Didn’t work out, because moderates led by Obama did not play ball. They even thwarted some of the attempts by leaking stuff, or downplaying everything when Russians reacted by sending aid and warships to Syria.

Neocons are a radical bunch. and crazy. When there is oil, they lose their minds. When their attempt didn’t work out, they started pumping the extremists in Ukraine, Syria to make them into armies to take over entire countries. Which was met with harsher Russian reaction and aid to the other side. Which is still going on.

Meanwhile, israel and its neocon government, in conjunction with saudi arabia, and turkish government (neocon, extremist, islamist), gulf states (oil rich islamist states in persian gulf) cooperated with american neocons and israel in stirring trouble in middle east. They are still funding syrian radical islamists, and even manning them.

Reference : America’s Allies funding iSiS

The greater aim of israel in this case also is attacking Iran and destroying it because its not a radical islamist country under saudi arabian puppets.

Reference : Israel talks about attacking Iran alone if US reaches Nuclear Deal with Iran

US govt does not like whats going on, because Russia, China openly declared that if anyone stirs up more trouble for oil, or attacks Iran etc, there would be world war 3.

Especially when dick Cheney and american neocons were pushing an attack on Syria along with israel’s netanyahu last summer, Russia reacted harshly, sent aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines to Mediterranean, which prevented an attack by Usa against Syria.

Reference : Russia deploys warships to Mediterranean, Syria

Therefore there is estrangement in between these crazy neocons who still cling to power in various countries, and us govt. and the rest of the world. This includes the neocon government of israel (netanyahu’s liqud government), which has gone off the scale of extremism. If you consider the fact that netanyahu’s long time friend and psychiatrist ‘committed suicide’ after declaring that netanyahu was crazy, and it was incurable, you get the picture of the crazy going on in there.

As of this moment, saudis are funding and manning Syrian islamist extremists, which turned into iSiS now, whereas turkey is their training ground and Turkish government aids them to attack syria from the north, whereas israel trains and supplies intelligence. These iSiS are massacring everyone in northern syria and iraq now – christians, shite muslims, sunni muslims who dont agree with saudis, turkomans, seculars, leftists, modernists, non-covered women, persians, fire worshippers and many others.

Reference : iSiS Massacres Prisoners in 4 days – Satellite Images and Photos (Graphic)

And opposing them, are the Secular Syrian Government (Bashar Assad), Iraqi Government, Kurds in northern Iraq. The reason why iSiS, a group of islamists with no proper military hardware, were that successful in offsetting Iraq government and pushing out Iraqi army was that Iraqi government was not delivered the Aircraft they bought from US. With no aircraft, they werent able to keep islamists away from Iraqi oil fields. Interestingly and not surprisingly, who has delayed the delivery of this purchase of aircraft was none other than Sen. John McCain.

Reference : John McCain delays delivery of Fighter jets to Iraq Government

In response to this, Iran and Belarus had immediately supplied Iraqi government with military jets and training, which are now being used to fight the islamists.

Whereas israel continues its attempt on eradicating palestinians.

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