All you need to know about Palestine and Israel

All you need to know about palestine and israel

Below is a compilation of resources which was taken from social networks on matters related to Palestine & Israel, including Gaza. The references are grouped by topic, and they can be useful in illuminating some of the chaos that has plagued this topic until recently. “Why you didn’t know these” part is very interesting…   … Read more

Israel, We bless Thee

We bless thee

An interesting approach to US Israel relations, taken from a Haime Dighlawi from a Facebook Status. From a working, tax payer American To our Ally ISrahell; I would like to take this time to list some reasons for thanking and blessing Israel, our lone ally in the Middle East, for everything she has done for … Read more

Vaccination – are they pushing more and more vaccines to profit while putting people in danger

How many vaccines will your child get

Participation in a quick internet discussion can easily tell you how easy for people to mislead and herd, and how easy it is to deny or believe things. After participating in a discussion as such, i felt to share the episode so others who may encounter the same may benefit. The discussion ensued under a … Read more

Secretive Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement details leaked by Wikileaks – and its horrible


The whistle blower organization Wikileaks leaked the details of intellectual property chapter of the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement. TPP was a trade treaty which was prepared by and on the incentive of major corporations – mainly US. For a few years it has been in the making, and governments, parliaments around the world … Read more