Vaccination – are they pushing more and more vaccines to profit while putting people in danger

How many vaccines will your child getParticipation in a quick internet discussion can easily tell you how easy for people to mislead and herd, and how easy it is to deny or believe things. After participating in a discussion as such, i felt to share the episode so others who may encounter the same may benefit.

The discussion ensued under a pinterest pin, which shows venerable Dr. House smack-talking and putting an anti-vaccine mother in place. Glorious and smart, isn’t it – smart doctor tells of uneducated, unlearned ignorant mother.

However, when i have pointed out that Dr. House left out a curious fact – that the US vaccine market is a $18 billion+ business, and up to 30 vaccines are being pushed to under 2 year old toddlers, i was met with a series of harsh rejections and rebuttals immediately :

– One woman contested that there was no case of massive vaccine-pushing for infants in USA.

– Another person just asked for statistics

– Another person has gone on a small one paragraph bullshit-calling tirade in which she first called the statistics i have mentioned, but have not linked bullshit, and then proceeded to call the $18 billion size of vaccine market in US, bullshit. Imagine – calling bullshit on statistics one has never seen.

So, i had to go out there to research and compile a little post to bring some matters into their attention – which, i’m sharing with you below as it is :

“It is interesting how people can call bullshit on statistics they havent seen yet. Here below the recommended vaccine schedule for kids under 18 years old – there are 24+ shots in there.

Mayo Clinic Vaccine Recommendations for Infants

I’m giving you mayo clinic, because they put the recommended vaccination schedule in an easily visible and readable format – going to you would find various ‘friendly’ pdfs, none of which are easily readable despite the pretty graphics shoved in.

The below article is about the infant mortality rates per country vs infant vaccinations. US tops the chart.

Vaccinations and infant mortality rates

Someone had the audacity to call ‘bullshit’ on something else she doesnt know anything about at all – the size of vaccine market in usa. Whereas it is as close as a Google search, apparently it is much easier to call bullshit on something someone doesn’t know anything on instead of researching :

Learning something is a Google search away !

But i stand corrected … US vaccine market is a MERE 12.8 billion as of this moment. Its not $18 bil~ yet. Much more relaxing. Of course, with increasing vaccinations for not only infants/kids and adults, it is definitely going to catch not only 20 billion, but more in a few years, at this rate.

Speaking of adults, the case of swine/bird flu vaccinations which were pushed to ENTIRE world would easily tell you what kind of business this is :

WHO experts were in pay of vaccine companies

It turns out that the scientific panel who pushed WHO to call a global emergency and have them get governments push vaccines to countless tens of millions worldwide, was in regular pay of vaccine companies.

Surpriseee, surprise.

One small research on internet, shows that any objection, refute, refusal and denial to any kind of statistic, research, court decision or government move that links vaccinations to child deaths, or increase in cases of autism or similar afflictions, NOT surprisingly, comes from United States of A, and to a lesser degree, its smaller satellite (thanks to tories of course) United kingdom.

NOT at all different than the case with the global warming, whereas Koch brothers were able to create a whole denial against scientific consensus by spending merely $10 million.

Case in point – Italian Court links vaccines to autism ;

Italian court links vaccines to autism

And IMMEDIATELY, FORBES – the mouthpiece of american industries, comes out to refute

Forbes to the rescue ! For the shareholders !!

One would think that after all they suffered and seen – things like halliburton and exxon pushing wars for a few percent more oil profits, bp wrecking half an ocean for oil, enron swindling and “smartest guys in the room”, wall street hedge fund scam and the subsequent bank bailouts, cheney & co fracking the hell out of midwest and poisoning rivers and aquifers and causing small quakes, mattel and the lead-painted child toys incident (they did it for decades until they were found out – cheerful), and countless more, Americans, Anglo-americans and western population in general would be more smart in regard to how things are :

There is ALWAYS unbounded corruption and sociopathy in ANY field that they can make huge money out of. And vaccines, merely in usa, is $12 billion (See, i stand corrected – as if this changes anything), and multiples of this globally. And some people are making BIG money out of this, to the point of paying an ENTIRE science advisory board to push WORLD health organization – not even CDC, not even any other 3 letter agency in usa – to push vaccines to ENTIRE world.

But, so natural – as long as there are people who can easily be herded to believe whatever they are being told from positions of authority – from government to PRIVATELY owned corporate media -, why shouldnt they make more money out of everything.

To put long story short :

There are a few dangerous diseases which plagued mankind throughout its history and killed of a good swath of us time and again. The measures and vaccines against these were invented back in the scientific revolution of late 19th century and early 20th century, and they work perfectly well, from measles to rabies. The application of these few vaccines have solved the problem mankind had with these diseases, and led us to where we are today. So all good and well in that front. Therefore, in the light of this, pushing 80+ vaccines to kids under 5 year old, for low-percentage potential syndromes and out-of-the-way diseases which they may never risk in their lives, is JUST BUSINESS. Nothing else.

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