Effective Ways to deal with CyberBullies


  The Internet is an ideal platform for people who want to communicate their unique and ideas. However unfortunately, many people get quite nervous in online debates, sometimes even go outright crazy and abusive. On top of that, but there are also people who get some entertainment out of harassing others. Both of which leads … Read more

University in Cyprus starts accepting Bitcoin as payments


A university in Cyprus, Nicosia University, is now accepting Bitcoins as payments for anything. The university also launched a course program on digital currencies, and stated that they wanted to make Cyprus a Bitcoin trading hub in Mediterranean. In case you were living in a cave, Bitcoin is the online digital crypto-currency which has been … Read more

Japan refused to help NSA wiretap asian internet


It turns out that NSA, the military intelligence organization in USA, asked Japanese Government to wiretap entire asian internet in 2001. They seem to have had spying against China in their minds. This would have given entire internet communications in asia into NSA’s hands. Luckily, Japanese government refused – their reasons include laws, and personnel … Read more