Yahoo starts encrypting data due to NSA revelations

YahooThe search company Yahoo started encrypting all their data in the wake of the recent Edward Snowden leaks which showed that NSA was aggressively targeting internet giants like Google, Yahoo for the data of their users with no remorse.

Companies like Google had encryption in many their services since a while, however Yahoo didn’t even have basic SSL encryption in its mail service until now. Now they are transitioning to SSL encryption in their mail. They are aiming to have totally encrypted communication in between their datacenters by first 3 months of 2014.

Google is also troubled by the revelations according to what their spokesman says, and they are seeking to increase encryption in services like search.

Edward Snowden, in case you don’t know, is the ex CIA-contractor whistle-blower who have broke out all-encompassing spying on everyone on the planet by U.S. agencies like NSA. Facing prosecution, he has sought refuge in Moscow, Russia, and he is currently continuing to break out news that are suppressed by U.S. government.

Incredibly, the U.S. agency NSA is relentless, saying that they would continue spying on everyone, and even increase their ‘capabilities’ – despite globe-spanning reaction to their activities and the impact the news had made in U.S. domestic political landscape.

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