iPhone 5C Review: How Is It Different From The iPhone 5S? Find Out

Want to know whats the difference between new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and which is best suitable for you?


iPhone 5C versus iPhone 5S


When a new device lands into the market, the first reaction is to compare it with it’s predecessor. This is particularly true with smartphones like iPhone. But it would be an understatement to compare iPhone 5C with the device it replaced.

In fact, unlike the iPhone 5S, this smartphone comes with lots of enhanced and compelling features which sets it apart from the rest. And if you’ve been owning an iPhone 4 or 4S and god forbid, then you’ll be intrigued by the complete features of the iPhone 5C, plus the fact that it comes with a reasonable price tag. You are exactly that person whom Apple has built that smartphone for.


Color is impressive this time round

Compared to the iPhone 5S, the change on the newer model is quite noticeable instantly. The company has injected more colors into the previous world of black and white iPhones. You can choose the 5C in blue, pink, green yellow and white as well.

Even though color is a personal choice, most people will find the iPhone 5C’s vast array of colors very stylish, distinct while not making the phone look like a 4 year old’s toy and by default, the iPhone 5c’s lock screen and wallpaper matches the outward color of the phone itself. If you decide to protect the new iPhone 5C, then you could invest in an iPhone 5C case (and they are quite affordable too).


Network and Cameras

Of course, the iPhone 5C offers more compatibility with LTE cellular network compared to its predecessor. Even though it doesn’t spark lots of imagination, you’ll still be amazed at the faster WiFi speeds on LTE network when consuming live streaming materials on the web. Again, the front facing Camera (if I might say), is the most notable hardware upgrade in regards to the iPhone 5S.

The 1.2 MP face time Camera shoots images at 1280X960 pixel and records 720p High definition videos. Generally speaking, it performs better than that of the iPhone 5S camera under low light intensity. You’ll get slightly sharper images with the front facing Camera compared to the VGA versions found in the previous generations. The Camera on the rear is 8MP, the same as that found on the iPhone 5S. That might not sound very exciting, however, it’s a very important thing to note if you are on a mission to upgrade.


Peak performance and Battery Life

Fortunately, the new iPhone 5C offers an enhanced performance without costing as much as iPhone 5S. It runs on the same processor (A6 processor) as the iPhone 5S. According to our benchmark tests, the comparable performance was very wanting. The iPhone 5S tallied slightly better than the 5C. All in all, these difference were very insignificant and almost unnoticeable to the regular user.

And of course, with the improved performance, we don’t expect the battery to under-perform. Recent testings reveal that the iPhone 5C last 42 minutes longer than the 5S, and 1h, 48minutes longer than the 4S.



It’s a known fact that the iPhone 5C‘s compelling mixture of features, performance and cost will prompt users to upgrade. It’s an appealing and cheaper option, so definitely, people will go for the iPhone 5C this time round. However, this gadget is not really a dramatic change to the iPhone 5S.

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