Japan refused to help NSA wiretap asian internet


It turns out that NSA, the military intelligence organization in USA, asked Japanese Government to wiretap entire asian internet in 2001. They seem to have had spying against China in their minds. This would have given entire internet communications in asia into NSA’s hands. Luckily, Japanese government refused – their reasons include laws, and personnel … Read more

iPhone 5C Review: How Is It Different From The iPhone 5S? Find Out

Want to know whats the difference between new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S and which is best suitable for you?     When a new device lands into the market, the first reaction is to compare it with it’s predecessor. This is particularly true with smartphones like iPhone. But it would be an understatement to … Read more

Tips For Traveling With Children

Traveling can be a great activity for families. It allows them to experience new places and new cultures while making lasting memories and spending quality time together. There are a variety of family friendly vacation destinations that cater to travelers and their children. However, as anyone with children knows, things don’t always go as planned … Read more

Legend of Korra : Corporate Brutalization of a Legend

Legend of Korra

You may remember Avatar : The Last Airbender. No – not the half baked movie – the famous, popular american cartoon that has inspired and enchanted kids and grown ups alike. Avatar was exceptionally well written and well told as a story which was based on the struggle of good and evil within people in … Read more